Danger Toxic Chemicals

The FDA HAS BEEN KILLING AMERICANS SINCE 1906! unbelievable!!!!!!

The best thing you can do for yourself, your friends and your family is get educated and be aware of the things you are putting in your body. Do your best to avoid the 26 TOXIC chemical food additives above and share this post with your family and friends so they can too!

1.Aspartame – an artificial sweetener found in sodas and processed foods that can cause last hormone and thyroid dysfunction.
2.Neotame – an artificial sweetener found in processed foods which is more toxic than aspartame and causes weight gain.
3.Red Dye #2 – an artificial coloring found in soft drinks and ice cream that causes pruritus (a severe form of itching).
4.Blue #1 – an artificial coloring found in beverages, desserts and household items like deodorants/toothpaste that can cause nerve damage.
5.Caramel Coloring – an artificial coloring found in dark sodas that can cause high blood pressure.
6.High Fructose Corn Syrup – an artificial sweetener found in baked goods/dairy products that causes diabetes and fatigue.
7.Sucralose – an artificial sweetener found in many sugar free foods that causes weight gain, skin rashes and gastrointestinal issues.
8.Saccharin – an artificial sweetener found in Sweet n’ Low and baked foods that causes headaches, diarrhea and in extreme cases cancer.
9.Gluten – a food additive found in pastas, cereal and bread that causes osteoporosis, neuropathy, depression and even cancer.
10.Corn Starch – a food additive found in condiments and sauces that can cause diabetes and fatigue.
11.Homogenized Milk – a food additive found in milk that causes diarrhea, bloating and atherosclerosis.
12.Yeast Extract – a hidden form of MSG found in frozen dinners and can products that damages your endocrine system and damages your nerves.
13.Olestra – a preservative found in crackers and tortilla chips that causes weight gain.
14.Brominated Vegetable Oil – a preservative found in citrus-flavored soft drinks that can cause memory loss, nerve disorders and skin lesions.
15.Potassium Brominate – preservative found in white flour and baked products that is a known carcinogen.
16.Azodicarbonamide – a preservative found in packaged foods and frozen dinners that causes respiratory problems such as asthma.
17.BHA – a chemical food additive found in snack foods that can cause cancer.
18.BHT – preservative found in butter, cereal and meats that causes severe abdominal pains.
19.TBHQ – preservative found in snack foods, cereals and vegetable oils that causes nausea, vomiting and dermatitis (skin irritation).
20.Propyl Gallate – this toxic preservative is found in soups, frozen meals and condiments that causes stomach irritation and inflammation of the prostate.
21.Propylene Glycol – this chemical preservative is found soaps/hand creams and is known to cause respiratory problems.
22.Acrylamide – a preservative found in popcorn, pretzels and potato chips that can cause nerve damage.
23.Phosphoric Acid – a compound found in baking powder that increases the risk of getting osteoporosis.
24.Hydrogenated Oils – an oil found in many common foods that leads to weight gain, chronic heart disease and digestive issues.
BPA-bisphenol-A – a synthetic estrogen found in plastics and water bottles that damages your metabolic development and lowers testosterone.
Carrageenan – a preservative found in dairy products that damages your immune system, causes inflammation and many other conditions.


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